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The People of Mai Châu, 2017

The People of Mai Châu is a documentary series focusing on the individuals of the village, located in the Northwest region of Vietnam. Capturing the locals enduring hard work, happiness and daily hustle, these images share a small part of their life.

In 2017, travelling with the Asia Pacific Youth Foundation (APYF) and along with a group of 15 we went to assist the village of Mai Châu, creating bridges over a flowing river, connecting them to the main part of the village. Whilst working with the APYF we sought to help break the poverty cycle through education and the project itself. The project: to build three individual bridges that lead over a river that flowed through the middle of the village connecting the outer villages to the main area.

These bridges were built in the same village in which the school was built only three years earlier. The school has seen to evolve into a community for children, allowing them to be educated within the village. Three days, and three bridges later, this allowed easier access to the main part of the village for locals living in the area.

See images to the right or below of the bridges built in Mai Châu.